Shadow. Showcase. Succeed.

(Authors- Anuradha Babu, Dr.Mahima Seetaram)

A Non-Fiction book that talks about the true meaning of Compassion. It talks about the Signature Behaviour which is exhibited by everyone. It talks about a Shadow which Showcases as a signature behaviour and Succeeds in a positive/negative way. This book aims at providing some insight to the readers as to why someone behaves in a certain way and how we could at least understand people and try to analyse their personalities.

Beyond the Gloomy Skies


Join the heart-warming, transformative journey of Rudra, a young boy, whose life is shattered when he loses his parents but he learns the process of healing with the simplest of virtues of love, acceptance and gratitude. In his fast-paced life, he learns to slow down, gain strength and face life head-on. But it is easier said than done, isn’t it?

This journey is filled with trials, tribulations and small but significant victories and re-inforces the need for a safe and healthy space for all. In the time of digital awakening towards mental well-being, Rudra learns to walk on a better path with timely guidance.


Sonali Nivaskar

The title itself suggests the story is about hope, having a new life perspective and attaining peace in our lives. It is about a young boy Rudra, whose life turns upside down and how he loses the orientation towards life. The book takes you into Rudra’s past and how he seeks peace and solace after seeking help from his loving Uncle Shashi and Aunt Shree, that he is able to find himself and sort things, going on in his mind. Reading the book is a therapy in itself. It has life’s valuable pearls of wisdom, which each one needs to re-visit (by reading it again and again). Acceptance, Gratitude, Learning the life lessons from our own experiences are few of the many takeaways from the story. So, friends do grab a copy of this soul touching tale which touches your heart, and you shall find your heart melting away, touching a few experiences in your own life, perhaps. The authors have beautifully narrated a soul nourishing tale, which can guide and connect with the reader. An extremely good read. It is well paced though it is about an emotional transformation. A MUST READ!!

Akash Tiwari

I am not a reader, but when I found out about this book I was very curious to read it because of the title. I was sure I'd relate and like this book, BUT I was wrong. I loved it and there couldn't be a better book for my first. Honestly, this is more than a book, I didn't struggle to finish it and the credit goes to the writers and editors, they keep as much as they want and nothing more. This actually makes this book sound more like a very personal diary entry. Yes, there's a story. Yes, there are characters who are mentioned in third person. But despite this, the writers do not fail to make this story hit on a personal level with each and every chapter. It feels dark, moody and personal. I personally think the 1st half of the book is gonna make you question your life choices. But do not worry, the writers have some really interesting answers in the 2nd half

Amruta Pujare

Memories may seem distant, but always have a tendency to climb their way back. The present may look distinct, but it’s a reflection of the past track. The future is often considered to be independent with all beautiful imagination added to it, But if not catered precisely to the past then even our future will be thrown into a fit. This would be us without an observer in our life, With inputs of whom we can change it into a new light. So, here’s the journey of all from small to tall, Each with their different reason to fall. But still came out victorious, because the observer took the call, And that’s when the future became a success because the person healed from all.” These are a few lines which come to my mind when I first read the book ‘Shadow Showcase Succeed’. This book is a life long companion for all and I hope that everyone reads it and find their companion in it’s form.

Dr. Priya Panjabi

I found this book as an AMAZING book. It is a nectar for the whole mankind. It's written in a very simple and beautiful language though it carried very powerful meaning and can be considered as a live mentor having capacity to understand real life problems and how to tackle them... may the writers of this book receive infinite blessings of Almighty.... Felt so light and happy after reading the whole book. This book has tremendous power to touch ennumerable hearts, through all the incidences shared in the book. It can actually help people to understand themselves better and to rectify their behaviors, to act right and in a better way to make their and others' lives easy!! I congratulate Anuradha ma'am and Dr. Mahima S. once again and am highly grateful to them for creating such a master piece Looking forward for more and more such books in near future