• Are you facing any family issues?

  • Are you facing any health issues?

  • Encountering stressful life situations?

  • Are you the one dealing with depression alone?

  • Fighting with anxiety behind closed doors?

  • Unable to express what you feel?

  • An overthinker?

  • An emotional person?

-IMPACKT specializes in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

– We are pioneers in integrative & amalgamative techniques of East & West. 

– We are known for the deep-rooted analysis that we offer and the Psychotherapy that we provide for various problems ranging across all age groups and people belonging to all professions through our IMAT Techniques

– We customize and tailor our approach based on our client’s needs.

-We have specific programs which focus on the needs of students. We help, encourage, and guide the students to overcome their fears and limitations and become better in their academics.

– Personalized therapy along with group or family sessions are available.

-By focusing on and analyzing the deep-rooted causes, we suggest solutions.

– We help in managing and handling emotions.