• As we completed our 17th year, we organized a pan India competition for our friends with divine vision (Visually challenged).
  • It was based on our Founder’s paramount belief in equality. The main motto was “Participation Itself Is Winning”.
  • This event was divided into 3 different competitions: – Singing, Instrumental, and Dance for 3 different age groups.
  • Many participants and schools across India took part through the online medium. We had lots of entries and 50 talented participants were selected for the final round.
  • Prior to the final event we also conducted sessions to especially encourage and appreciate them for participating in the event. The Grand Finale was graced by the presence of highly qualified judges and an audience full of enthusiasm. It was followed by an Award Ceremony, where trophies and certificates were awarded to the winners. All the participants were appreciated for their participation by honoring them with medals and certificates.


  • IMPACKT released two books, both belonging to the self-help category with
  • One falling in the category of fiction, named “Beyond The Gloomy Skies.”
  • The Second one, a non-fiction book named “Shadow, Showcase, Succeed”.
  • We conducted a Book Review Competition for our fiction book “Beyond The Gloomy Skies” co-authored by the founder of IMPACKT Anuradha Babu, Dr. KS Uthra and Vedant Ranadive. It was a National Level Competition.
  • Participants from all over India took part. After the initial round, an interaction round was also conducted, and the winners of the competition were honored with trophies, medals, wellness boxes and certificates.
  • All the participants received certificates and medals as a mark of appreciation.