Who opts for IMPACKT Psychotherapy and counselling ?

Persons from all age groups, professions, communities and various strata and walks of life can opt for psychotherapy irrespective of the presence or absence of mental weaknesses due to challenges and life situations.


Population comprising of::-

  • Children, adolescents, adults, geriatric population
  • Corporates and professionals.
  • Home makers etc.

If you might be struggling with:-

  • unfulfilling relationships
  • unhealthy patterns of behavior
  • feel “stuck” in life , feel you are an underachiever
  • Afraid of taking the next step
  • grief and losses


IMPACKT not only deals with mental wellbeing but also for the following:-

  • Overall personality development
  • Self-improvement
  • Self-development
  • Community Development
  • Corporate development and improvement

What is IMPACKT style of psychotherapy?

IMPACKT psychotherapy involves a IMAT approach to identify the core basis of any problem and finding ways to overcome those problems and achieve your goals. At IMPACKT, we value the honest, open, and direct communication throughout the process. We believe in identifying our client’s strengths and weaknesses as well as addressing areas of growth. It can best be described as IMAT therapy with an emphasis on developmental factors. The needs of each client are tailor made and we do not approach therapy in the “conventional” manner. We incorporate a variety of methodologies while treating a person.

What does the visit to an IMPACKT psychotherapist consist of?

The first visit is typically spent gaining information and understanding the client and for the client to understand our ways of functioning. The other visits comprise of stage by stage guidance after appropriate consent from the client/guardian.

How will IMPACKT psychotherapy help me?

IMPACKT psychotherapy can help you to obtain: • New Insights into yourself, your relationships with people, and the world around you • Develop new coping skills • Find solutions to problems • Discover increased self-awareness • To understand how negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours influence your life • To thereby ACCEPT yourself with awareness and thereby ACHIEVE in your life.

What can I expect from IMPACKT psychotherapy?

Addressing your concerns, fears, weaknesses, strengths etc. IMPACKT psychotherapy can help you live a more positive and productive life. It is a IMAT approach in which we explore unique aspects of you including • family • work • relationships, • social • physical health other areas.

How long are IMPACKT therapy sessions?

Therapy sessions are 45-60 minutes in length. It may vary (Depending on the magnitude of the presenting problem.)

Is confidentiality of shared information maintained?

Confidentiality of patient information is one of our prime objectives. (Except subject to certain legal conditions and situations)


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