Our Programs:
They aim towards overall wellness of an individual

Self improvement programs: (SIP)


Helps you to get closer to achieving – Overall Wellness. Levels are designated/suggested as required.

a) SIP 1: Level 1
b) SIP2: Level 2
c) SIP 3: Level 3

Student Programs:


They are student-centric, tailored courses for students to help to get closer to their goals and ambitions.


Corporate Development Program:

To improve Employee morale, Employer-Employee relation and improve team spirit to achieve better success at the workplace.


I am from India, and had experienced and witnessed a strained marriage relation (for close to 4 yrs) and was emotionally drained. My friend and a doctor advised me to approach the IMPACKT The IMPACKT team gave apt guidance, direction and the IMPACKT Legal Advisor ensured proper legal documentations and a better Advocate to pursue my case to logical conclusion. The IMPACKT team also helped me recover from my emotional stress. I thank them from the core of my heart.

Ms. TA

I hail from UK and I was in a disturbed environment and was afraid to approach anyone. Due to heavy emotional stresses through my marital relationship (for close to 8.5yrs) ,I slowly fell prey to loneliness, depression and heavy losses. I felt cut-off from the world and didn’t want to meet anyone. I was then advised to visit India, take a chance and approach IMPACKT for solutions. While the IMPACKT commenced its various techniques and helped me towards overall wellness, the legal advisor ensured proper direction and legal support to pursue my case in India and simultaneously also assist me in approaching UK institutions for further support. I thank them.

Mrs. SG

I wholly express my gratitude to Mrs. Anuradha Babu for playing the role of  a lighthouse in my life. Generally, we have heard that God always appears in the form of human when we ask for help. I am lucky to witness that God in the form of you in the last 18 years. You are not just a well wisher but you are God’s Angel for me. You are the one who saved me and my son out of predicament when he was in 12th standard. My son shone in the HSC exams with very high marks. Just because of you and you only I overcame every trouble and family obstacles. Thanks for being with me and for your rock support. Thanks and hoping the same assistance in the future.

Thanks and regards.

Mrs RH

(principal and head of a junior college)

I have been suffering from anxiety since last 2 years! I suffered from fear of eating food! During this phase Mrs. Anuradha Babu Ma’am helped me alot  ! She taught me some techniques to remain calm and composed! After practising those techniques and the taking the pills she gave me I could feel positive energy flowing through me! My anxiety levels started reducing day by day! My addictions are nil now!

Those techniques also helped me to think calmly! Now my anxiety has almost vanished! I want to again thank Mrs. Anuradha Babu ma’am! She has a huge share of contribution to my journey from a medical student to a Doctor.

Dr. OJ

We were referred by a doctor to Mrs. Anuradha Babu ma’am who had also benefitted from Anu ma’am. My mother , Mrs. MW(aged around 55 yrs) was going through unwanted tension, her confidence was very low, she would get very tense on small things, she also had gastric problem.

After discussing the problem with Mrs. Anuradha Babu, with her help and techniques she is much better then what she was, her confidence level has increased, her gastric problem has also reduce by consuming food items which were suggested by ma’am and other techniques which she is performing before going to sleep.

Thanks & Regards,


(son of the Mrs. MW)

I am aged around 63yrs and would like to say about my experience regarding techniques that I learnt from our Guide Mrs. Anuradha Babu.

During 2010 we faced some domestic disturbances and that shook me a lot, when I saw tremendous changes in my child and after that in my wife, I wanted to test myself the effects of techniques on me, I too joined the course.

The various techniques have certainly brought radical changes in me, I am calm ,composed but I get my way very easily without any strain or pain.

I regret why I did not come across these techniques in my youth I would have achieved a great position.

My wife and myself many time practice these techniques jointly and really get immense solace and inner calmness which cannot be described.

I recommend my friends to understand the values of these techniques and thank our guide Mrs. Anuradha Babu for her majority contribution to our progress as a family.


(Finance Manager)

One day I was watching the interview of a prominent personality and I could relate my mental state with her as she was talking about depression, anxiety attack, sleepless nights so I realized that I am into that state which need help of an expert.

From the website of a foundation I got to know about Anuradha mam so I called her for help ; I have completed my sessions with her and I feel better and am in a state to handle myself , I am thankful for her for kindness and patience to hear me as a guardian and a guide.

Thank you

Mr. NS



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