Is Taylor Swift Still Dating Calvin Harris?


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had been one of the most popular celebrity couples in recent times. From their lovable pictures on social media to their public appearances, followers couldn’t get sufficient of their love story. However, as time passed, rumors started swirling about the standing of their relationship. In this article, we will dive into the primary points and discover out if Taylor Swift remains to be relationship Calvin Harris.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Love Story

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris first crossed paths at the Brit Awards in 2015. Sparks flew immediately, and the media shortly caught wind of their connection. Shortly after the award ceremony, the couple was spotted collectively, hand in hand, confirming their romance. The public couldn’t assist however root for this energy couple who appeared to have it all.

A Match Made in Music Heaven

Both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are extremely successful musicians in their own right. Swift, recognized for her heartfelt country-pop songs, and Harris, a renowned DJ and producer, shared a love for music that brought them closer together. They collaborated and supported each other’s work, further cementing their bond.

Weathering the Storms of Fame

Being in the public eye can put a strain on any relationship, particularly when both companions are international superstars. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris confronted their fair proportion of challenges as they navigated by way of the pressures of fame. The paparazzi continuously adopted their each move, and rumors of infidelity and breakups have been by no means far behind.

The First Crack in the Relationship

In 2016, information broke out that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had called it quits. It was a shock to their followers, who had become accustomed to seeing their candy moments on social media. Rumors circulated about the cause for the breakup, with hypothesis starting from busy schedules to growing apart. Despite the breakup, each Swift and Harris remained civil towards one another in public.

A Tale of Two Breakups

The breakup between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris was short-lived, as they rekindled their romance just some months later. However, their second try at love additionally faced hurdles. In 2017, the couple once again referred to as it quits, and this time it seemed last. The particulars of their separation remained non-public, leaving followers guessing about what went wrong.

Life After the Breakup

Since their last breakup, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have each moved on with their lives. Taylor Swift’s music took a extra introspective flip, along with her album "Reputation" delving into themes of heartbreak and resilience. Calvin Harris continued to dominate the music charts along with his catchy EDM tracks, collaborating with numerous artists along the way.

Reconciliation? Not So Fast

Despite the passing of years and the expansion of their particular person careers, rumors of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris getting again collectively have endured. However, both events have maintained their silence on the matter, leaving fans to take a position concerning the state of their relationship. Some have even taken to social media to voice their wishes for a reunion.


In the world of superstar relationships, it could be exhausting to keep up with who’s relationship who. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris shared an attractive love story that captured the hearts of followers worldwide. Though their relationship ultimately got here to an finish, their influence on each other’s lives can’t be denied. As for whether Taylor Swift continues to be courting Calvin Harris, the reply stays unsure. Only time will inform if these two music icons will find their means again to one another. Until then, fans will proceed to eagerly await any updates on their relationship status.


  1. Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris still dating?

    • As of now, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are not collectively. They ended their relationship in June 2016 after dating for about one 12 months.
  2. Was their breakup amicable?

    • Yes, their breakup was reportedly amicable. Both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris launched statements on social media expressing mutual respect and friendship. They mentioned that their busy schedules and the pressure of their high-profile relationship were factors of their choice to end issues.
  3. Have Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris collaborated on any music together?

    • Yes, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have collaborated on a track referred to as "This Is What You Came For." The track was released in 2016 and have become a chart-topping hit. Initially, there was some controversy surrounding the song’s credit, however that was resolved, and the collaboration showcased their musical chemistry.
  4. Did Taylor Swift write any songs about Calvin Harris after their breakup?

    • Yes, Taylor Swift is known for drawing inspiration from her personal life for her music. After her breakup with Calvin Harris, she released a song referred to as "Getaway Car" on her album "Reputation," which is believed to be influenced by their relationship. However, Swift has not confirmed the specific particulars of the track’s inspiration.
  5. Have Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris remained pals after their breakup?

    • Though their romantic relationship ended, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have remained relatively pleasant following their breakup. They have been seen interacting positively at public occasions and even hinted at a continued friendship by way of social media. However, their degree of contact is not known publicly.