Mrs. Anuradha Babu

[G.DE – Electronics, Grad. IIIE – Industrial Engg., Grad. (CHA), M S (Psych & Counselling), M D (Alt. Med.), Cert. FR, Cert. (Gero.)]

She is the Founder and Head of IMPACKT. Her strength, simplicity, sincerity and never say no attitude are her key assets. She is the recipient of many Excellence Awards. She founded IMPACKT to help people realise importance about overall and mental wellness.

IMPACKT has been working towards Mental Wellness, Self-Improvement, Skill Enhancement and Student Wellness, through successful programs.

Mr. KSS Babu

[Business Analyst, Business development Strategist.]

He has over 35 years of varied experience in this field hence extending expertise in the same. He has always been a strong pillar and motivating force behind the successful activities of many leading Brands, Media & a great support for IMPACKT.

Dr. Uthra KS

As a surgeon, Dr. KS Uthra has always emphasized the need for being sensitive to the emotions and pains of those around her right from a very young age. She has also witnessed and realized the importance of Psychotherapy and counselling in the fields of onco-surgery & trauma management in the varied population undertaking treatment.

Dr. Mahima S

As a young doctor, she has helped many patients cope with stress related health complications thereby facilitating easy acceptability of any treatment with stress reduction protocol. She is an active research person in areas of mind body wellness.


Mr. Vedant Ranadive

(Psychology Student)

(Co-ordinator IMPACKT® )

He has always believed in building a holistic personality. He has learnt similar concepts of holistic development from IMPACKT and wishes to propagate the same.

Mr. Ashish Maru

(BA in Psychology)

(Co-ordinator IMPACKT®)

This young tech- savvy psychology graduate who has also benefitted from IMPACKT programs has always had a passion to help people and wishes to propagate the same.

Ms. Yashvi Gala

(Mass Media Student)

(Co-ordinator IMPACKT®)

From childhood, she has experienced and benefitted through various IMPACKT programs. She wishes to spread the concept of overall development of IMPACKT as well.


Apurva Chitroda

(Co-ordinator :  Lotus – IMPACKT®)

My name is Apurva Chitroda. I love to rap and I am a big foodie. I got my inner motivation through IMPACKT® to live my life; now I look forward to work more with such an amazing and beautiful organization to help more people attain overall wellbeing.

Amruta Pujare

(Co-ordinator :  Lotus – IMPACKT®)

I am currently pursuing my BSc. Biotechnology and I have been with IMPACKT® for the past 6 yrs. In this span, I have witnessed many ups and downs and IMPACKT® has always been my strongest support throughout. I hope to do the same for others too and help them excel and enhance their personalities.


Jinam Savajiyani

(Associate – IMPACKT®)

My name is Jinam Savajiyani. I’m currently pursuing BMS. I have become a better version of myself and as a result help others develop a better and understanding personality through IMPACKT®.

Hia V Panjabi

(Associate – IMPACKT®)

With everything I learn, I would like to help the society. I would like to use my voice and writings for the betterment of society. All of this is possible only with proper guidance and help from IMPACKT® and through IMPACKT® I will try my best to help everyone attain wellness.

Dharmi Gala

(Associate – IMPACKT®)

I am Dharmi Gala, I specialize in fine arts namely, dancing and sketching. I have benefited a lot from IMPACKT® and it has helped me to become better in my studies and showed me the right guidance for my career. I would like to extend my support with IMPACKT® in helping people achieve overall wellness.


Mrs. Manisha Gala

(Associate – IMPACKT®)

I am Manisha Gala, I am associated with IMPACKT® from last 10 years, IMPACKT® has been my strong support in my thick and thin. I have benefitted a lot from IMPACKT® and improved. I would like to follow its motto and help spread awareness about overall wellness.

Ankita Jhawar

(Associate – IMPACKT®)

My name is Ankita Jhawar. I am an MBA finance double postgraduate. I have established myself as an entrepreneur and lecturer in the field of commerce. IMPACKT®️ has helped me improve my thought processes, more importantly my perception towards life. As a result I have become a better version of myself. IMPACKT® has given me an opportunity to explore my creative and analytical sides and to spread the vision and goals of IMPACKT® for the overall betterment of individuals of all age groups.